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The Cross of Light Diamond Foundation is a 501c3 which seeks to help the less fortunate throughout the world. Our projects include: Film production and media which create awareness regarding the injustices happening throughout the world. Provide educational assistance and support through sponsorships, micro loans for small business, and grants to local community leaders for clean drinking water and sustainable food production. more

Founder Batian Peak Academy

Kibandi Samuel Mwaura

Arlan Abel and his daughter, Rachel Hill, are the creators of the Cross of Light Diamond™. The facets in this diamond form three beautiful Crosses. Not only is a customer purchasing a quality diamond, but also they are expressing their love for the Lord Jesus Christ when it is worn.

At the heart of their business is the desire that their creations can benefit the needs of those less fortunate. Recently they expanded their products to include:

  • Gems of Faith: A collection of colored gemstones with a visible cross.
  • Spiritual Journey: A collection of pendants designed to reflect your spiritual journey.

The family foundation has been able to support local grass roots efforts in Kenya, Zambia and Southern California with projects such as water wells, books, latrines, salaries, leadership conferences., homeless shelters, prison ministry and local community outreach and rehabilitation projects.

Currently, this 501C3 is raising money for textbooks, teacher salaries, and a library for Batian Peak Academy in Kenya, Africa. This school is run by Pastor Samuel Mwaura, who has used his own family property and small income from donations to run a school for over 70 children who live in nearby villages. These children live in such poverty that they also require clothing, food, and school supplies. Teachers also continue to work for minimal wages and are grateful for any extra money raised to keep them there.

In 2015, Rachel Hill and her daughter Bethany traveled to Batian Peak Academy to visit and encourage the workers there. What she found was a thriving group of children, hungry to learn! What she discovered was a group of enthusiastic teachers who “make do” with one textbook per class. The children labor over this one book, and teachers copy pages onto their boards. It is the hope of Reverend Samuel that one day each child will have textbooks to read.

‘They shall be Mine,’ says the LORD of hosts, ‘On the day that I make them My jewels.' Malachi 3:17
The Cross of Light Diamond Foundation in partnership with Africans to reconcile the deep injustice that has afflicted widows and orphans Africa.

We seek to educate Africans through seminars, public service announcements, plays, dance and film. The spread of AIDS is in large part due to their complex belief systems which create fear and superstition.

Video of the school below

The Cross of Light Diamond Foundation


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