Gems of Faith Necklace

Gems of Faith Necklace 8mm Cross of Light solitaire with diamond accent and 18″ chain.

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Cross of Light gemstone necklace with diamond accent.

Cross of Light gemstone necklace with diamond accent.

Gems of Faith Necklace

Cross of Light Gemstone with Diamond Accent

Set in a 14kt  gold 4 prong double basket crown with an 18in chain.


SIZE: 8.00 x 8.00mm

WEIGHT:  2.00 carats

TYPE: Genuine:  Amethyst & Blue Topaz

Lab Created: Ruby and Sapphires

(also available in genuine sapphire) call for pricing

Accent Diamond QUALITY GRADE: G-H/SI

SIZE: 1.75 x 1.75mm, 1 stones, about 0.02cts total

The Cross of Light  gemstone features a total of 69 facets, 16 of which make three cross images. The Greek Cross is visible on the table of the gemstone.

Ruby is the humility of believers in spite of their gifts.  The perfect operation of prophesy. They shine with good works and they warm those who associate with them with the heat of love and by the example of a good life. Represents preciousness, great value, costly glories, wisdom, and a prized treasure.

Blue Sapphire aspire for heavenly things.  Similar to the heavenly thrones, they are waiting with sure hope, in whose life and ways the Highest is pleased.  As the color of the sky, Sapphire signifies those who placed on the earth aspire for heavenly things, and who despise all worldly matters just as if they were not on earth:  Our commonwealth is in heaven. Phil 3:20 Qualities are natural excellence and beauty.

Amethyst is the heavenly kingdom of royalty in humble souls. It signifies the heart of the lowly that die with Christ. These pray for those who persecute them. It represents the royal priesthood, kingship and majesty.

Blue Topaz is the fervent meditation of the prophesies.  they love God and their fellow man. They faithfully serve in secret and hold the flame of inner charity.  Being intent always on heavenly things they become clearer, purer and more beautiful.  it represents beauty and worthiness.

Diamond/White Sapphire  Union of Divine Love. The most brilliant of gemstones, the diamond reflects the Son as flashes of every color burst forth. Within, a divine union takes place with the lover of our souls. Diamond represents Divine love and union.

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14kt white gold, 14kt yellow gold

stone type

amethyst (genuine), blue sapphire (created), blue Topaz (genuine), ruby (created), White Sapphire (Created)


!4kt white gold, 14kt yellow gold, black leather cord silver clasp, silver


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