Gems of Faith Reflecting Your Spiritual Journey

14 kt white and yellow gold Spiritual Journey pendant with natural Colombian emeralds

Spiritual Journey Pendants

Spiritual Journey Pendants are custom design fine jewelry that represents ones spiritual journey through jewelry design and gemstone symbolism. Please email us to set up a free consultation.

Cross of Light Gemstone Necklace

Our Cross of Light Gemstone necklaces are cut to display a visible cross seen with the naked eye. They are available in lab created ruby, white or blue sapphire, genuine blue topaz, and amethyst

Cross of Light Diamond

Cross of Light Diamond™ Search

The Cross of Light Diamond™ features an image of a cross that is visible through a diamond viewer.

Please contact us for current selections of the Cross of Light Diamond.

The Cross of Light Diamond™

The Diamond in the Rough

Montana Sapphire

Only North American gem cutters of all sizes of Montana Sapphire. Mined and cut in the USA.


Design Cut Gemstones

Special Design Cut Gemstones reflect the greatest color and brilliance possible, with excellent cut and polish on every gemstone. 


Cross of Light Diamond Foundation

The Cross of Light Diamond Foundation is a 501c3 which seeks to help the less fortunate throughout the world.


Learn about Christian engagement, custom jewelry design, gemstone meanings, projects with the Cross of Light Diamond Foundation and much more.

Gemstone Meanings

Biblical gemstone meanings


What you should know before you design custom jewelry

Cross of Light Diamond FAQS

Cross of Light Diamond FAQS