Humbled by The Who and Why

Humbled by The Who and Why Who are you and I that we both could be loved by another and each other, and that together we are able to love more? Who are we despite ourselves, past failings causing pain and ailing, manifested without love, able to be forgiven and redeemed? Why are we given […]

Spiritual Health Food

Spiritual Health Food Chew on this – deliciously layered to encourage more than an appetite for soul food, but one that feeds our Spirit to be in the image of Christ. Embrace the bountiful gifts of God with outstretched arms, share His heart blended in joy with yours. With gratitude discover an abundance that enlarges […]

Way of a Chosen Generation

Way of a Chosen Generation Pray away the vanity of folly, fly in love’s embrace on the wings of grace. Be aware, the one is futility that ends poorly, the other soars where scores are kept no more. Lord, save us from our stubborn blindness that in pain we paint ourselves the raging fool. Please […]

Speak It and Be It

Speak It and Be It God’s love is no secret that ears should fear when lips slip. May we say and behave in ways that more convey love. Silently pause to consider and figure how amazing the gift is when given with more than just words. Sometimes priorities get skewed. Explanations without expressions are a […]

Know Not and Know To

Know Not and Know To Fear and worry not, for while there is life there can always be hope. There is more hope when by faith we pray. There is great hope when by faith we pray and love. Hope is realized by faith when we give that love as lead by Jesus. Perhaps as […]

River of Glory

River of Glory Take me by a river, one filled with wonder, nestled in a sky painted in living color. There I will marvel in revival of a heartfelt song, one that runs deep with desire to dance all day long. Glory Glory Glory….so goes the timeless story, where souls have sought and caught a […]

Give it Up…for Heaven

Give it Up…for Heaven Sometimes basking in the calm and other times anxious and not, still in living both is what we got. Pray always we are aware and His love is not forgot…. the sacrifice, the gift, the blessing of His life for what all of us it bought. The least we should do […]

Faith and Science for the Faithful

Faith and Science for the Faithful When we reveal our heart and express it with a genuine, sincere and loving smile, a presence of it becomes evident…so it is with the Spirit when we reveal our heart for Jesus. Observe, study and compare the contrast in living when we do and when we don’t. Do, […]

A Wave to Hunger

A Wave to Hunger Life is a wave of emotions, they take form in rivers, floods and drops of tears. They contain and reflect the feelings that have shaped us. Some are sad, some are glad, they are memories we surf, float, bathe and drown in. Waves define the shore and create a foundation upon […]

Today Has a Great Story

  Today Has a Great Story Look around and people abound. Take time to consider what we have in common. There are thoughts, some take shape and escape while others are held captive. Some come from the inner most depths of a soul…some demand to be heard, they are with courage acknowledging having one. Weak […]

Parade of Battles

Parade of Battles Life can be a parade of battles, some fought within the inner most depths of our soul…especially if we admit to have one. Deny it’s existence and how easy we try to walk away … at least until truth comes beating like the heartbeat of an innocent child, or exhausted in the […]

How to Have the Ultimate Earthly Vision

How to Have the Ultimate Earthly Vision   It does not matter as much what our eyes see, but that we also look at all with a compassionate heart. No matter what the heart believes we must prayerfully perceive the bigger and wiser one. Dear Father God may I have whatever measure of yours I […]

Battle Me

Battle Me   We battle the greatest foe we come to know as what in the world has become of “me”. It is in the conflict of being in want that we instead can come to believe and learn what we need. I know too well the pain of living lies I and others perceived […]

Go Ahead and Ask

Go Ahead and Ask God who sees all as He created and destined…in light, not in a vision of darkness and pain. His vision is perfect, ours is not the same. In this world the dark may come like a shadow or fall like a sky full of lies…regardless God loves us as He created […]

Sing Meaning

Sing Meaning   When filled with a passion Divine, you cannot choose when or where, but simply shine. It is evident in a smile, it is heard in a word, it is light that glistens in your eyes. Yours is a soul for Jesus that hungers, prays and joyfully cries…. you are a love song, […]

Care Casting

Care Casting I have come to cast my cares away. I raise my hands to praise the Lover of my soul. My Spirit is lifted above the worldly fray. I take no heed to what others otherwise say. Heaven make way the glorious dawning gifting me to see your beauty today. My heart enlarges, it […]

His Kingdom Come

His Kingdom Come   Birthing and Bursting! The glorious and radiant beauty of God’s Creation forever dawning in the hearts of faithful souls.   The great beauty we share is the one knowing what God makes within. Always believing and seeing it His countless ways through those who live and translates into a world of […]

How to Have the Yearning and Discerning Heart

How to Have the Yearning and Discerning Heart   You are empowered to discern, speak and act accordingly as is the good and loving will of God at any moment, in any place at any time. You can do this in all things when you exercise awareness and respond prayerfully. Consider how and with whom […]


Today Today if each of us before anything else right now ask, sincerely from a humble heart and desiring mind, we can find the greatest gift already in us of a same but better kind. It is the Spirit to give and share something amazingly Divine. It is the mystery of God’s Creation….it is the […]

Here Hear and Now

Here Hear and Now     John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.   Open the book of Life and let the Author love your soul. He enables the once blind to find, in both heart and mind, the most beautiful part of themselves […]