Celebrate Victory – Celebrate God

Celebrate Victory – Celebrate God Sing praises to the Lord! His Majesty gives us peace and calm, it rises and guides us above perceived calamities. It is in the partaking and making that nears and endears us to Heaven. We receive a discerning by faith which is the encouragement to live in His truth. The […]

Revealing View

  Revealing View Psalm 90:17 “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us…” Life and how we live it affects what is made of it. How we perceive and feel about it creates the atmosphere in which it is lived. There is a view that sees beauty. It is the view of God who created […]

Make the Connection

Make the Connection Reflect a moment on life lived and what life is yet to come. Dig deep into your soul to known, through the lens of an open heart the Spirit of His love will show. Life is a gift in which we are too often unaware, it is best when gratefully acknowledged becoming […]

Elijah Nyutu

School for disadvantaged kids in Kenya

Batian peak school started in the year  2007 to cater for the disadvantaged children in the society. Since then many children who had no hope to advance in education have taken advantage from class Nursery to form four . God has been with us and we have been able to teach them with volunteer teachers who we […]

Pray for Truth that Changes Lives

Pray for Truth that Changes Lives I pray we live confidently in the secure promises of God. I pray these truths resonate loudly for every ear to hear. I pray an evident need will lead all to believe and know Jesus. I pray everyone is filled to spill into the lives of each other with […]

The Greatest

  The Greatest The greatest beauty is what God creates within us when we let everything else go back to Him and let Him in. It is His Spirit pouring in a perpetual generation of passion that floods the soul and spills out. All this for the sole purpose of love, one that enables us […]

Paint Life the Color of Love

Paint Life the Color of Love Be an artist and decorate lives, make life a gallery where beauty thrives. Create joy in every vision. Make the giving of what is Godly given a celebrated mission. Have a smile that inspires smiles to smile in and through living. Sing praises for He who raises and provides […]

Adulthood with Jesus

Adulthood with Jesus Adulthood – The challenge and the potential rewards are limitless. As adults we are supposedly becoming aware of all that has shaped our view of life. We are putting it into a perspective, hopefully realizing and moving forward having successfully dealt with past pains caused by the lies we believed about ourselves […]


Directions Proverbs 4: 18 (TPT) – But the lovers of God walk on the highway of light, and their way shines brighter and brighter until they bring forth the perfect day. No matter what, no matter how difficult the struggle, no matter the cost…we should choose to pursue a direction according to the perfect will of God. […]

Unconditional Love and/or Holy Perfect Love?

Unconditional Love and/or Holy Perfect Love? One is often bantered and sometimes misused to excuse, the other is what is perceived best we when are healed and grow beyond conditions we weren’t meant or created to hold on to. Jesus is a Holy and perfect Love! It is freely available to experience by choice, realize […]

By Faith the Evidence We Come to Know

By Faith the Evidence We Come to Know We should never forget from where we came, nor be unaware by choice where we may go. God in His unfathomable and infinite love has made provisions for our best, although we often along the way choose the lessor. To travel the wrong way and stay is […]

Who Will Be

  Who Will Be Consider what it means to be…. not something contrived by ourselves, our worldly family, our peers, or what our society and culture creates. Consider Jesus Christ that was and is. Spiritually, soulfully of character…who was He not, but we are and are still aspiring to be? Matthew 7:26 “But everyone who […]

Beyond Expectation

Beyond Expectation In the valley I struggle with expectation. Strange voices dare pain me. They say believe what you received from God is not enough. By faith I forge forward, I give my heart to Jesus. I lay myself at the Cross. In the His blood my soul becomes fertile soil, He pours loves that […]

On Fire

On Fire! We were not an intended combustible to implode, but rather a spark that ignites in others the joy and gift of Jesus. We are not an intended flame to burn itself out, but rather a love that burns within to have and give more. From ashes comes a beauty where passion once lit, […]

Rage No More

Rage No More Romans 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” The battle of life only appears to rage. It is fought within and too much is projected out. […]

Vision and Dream

Vision and Dream After having labored in the mid-day sun the young man decided to take a nap. He did so in the shade of an old oak tree. He dreamed his heart would be forever awakened, it would do so because of a prayer. He wondered what the words of the prayer might be, […]

Your Gift

Your Gift You of faith sharing the charity of Jesus to those seen by others as undeserving … yours is the gift of a greater promise with God given mercy and compassion. You beloved do not profess a divine character, but humbly strive for and dive into it. Every such effort is a redemption of […]

Our Most

Our Most Psalm 24:1 [ A Psalm of David. ] “The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein.” Wading through life is like swimming in a different pool in every circumstance of every day. Each fill with mixed and countless variables in which we labor, struggle and […]

A prescription

A Prescription Psalm 146:1 “Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, O my soul!” Come and dance to every heartbeat, each with prayer and praise lifted in jubilant song. This is a prescription in the redemption of the gift called life. It heals and does not steal. It will not kill. It brings true joy and […]

Declaring Destiny and Identity

Declaring Destiny and Identity Give it voice and live it by choice, accept and be assured it is yours. It is a gift of inheritance, you are a child of God’s passion. You have always been, you were fashioned to be before you were conceived. You are beautifully crafted. You are a magnificent star to […]

Aware of His Presence

Aware of His Presence Psalm 139:7 “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?” The time is now. We are present living in and shaping it. It has an atmosphere. You can feel it. What we choose and how we act in it makes a difference. The greatest […]