Too Much and Enough

Too Much and Enough   Sometimes we fret and get frustrated about what seems to be too much. Sometimes we agonize and stress over an over accumulation. These are the crazy out-of-control moments upon moments stacking upon one another…they become a weight that consumes us with thoughts of doom, they betray our freedom.   Good […]

Pour and Poor no More

Pour and Poor no More   A robin came close and then flew away. A rabbit bounced by and went another way. I thoughtfully paused and there I prayed. The sun glistened as it rose above a passing cloud. A tear formed as His gifts adorned the reality of now. There is in all His […]


Do   Pray for this day we may. Pray with heart all we say. Blessed are we to have one. Embrace dreams that shape them. Bless what becomes of them. Miracles are because we pray. Pray to love and pray for others. Pray this day to love more. Blessed that we may. For this we […]

Finding with a Heart

Finding with a Heart   What seems lost can be better found. With the heart we appreciate what is given. We lose much to gain what is needed. Choose what is right when fear says it is wrong. Grow your faith with courage to overcome. Moments are not always easy, but easy is often less. […]

Peace Now

Peace Now   What was once uncertain is certain – what had to be done is complete. Its future is now. If in the midst of living there is something that seems missing, consider the following: Peace is not an elusive state, it is already yours by faith knowing truth comes by believing. It is […]

The Best Choice Ever!

The Best Choice Ever!   Have you ever made a bad choice and acted on it? Good news! We can choose to make them our past choices, not our current ones that we remain and blame being stuck in. Right now we have an opportunity to make a new one. Bad choices and the resulting […]

The Road to Great Wealth

The Road to Great Wealth   Being poor is sometimes more than a lack of money. Sometimes it is more a matter of what we do with what we have already been given. Imagine with the least we can be the most, the most grateful, the most responsible, the most giving and the most loving. […]

Need to Be and Feel the Best

Need to Be and Feel the Best   There is spiritual warfare occurring every moment, even now. It becomes real in our living the translation of what creates further actions and reactions. It is what we see, perceive and believe compared to what we don’t. We act, react and respond to all with interpretations and […]

Spirit of Love

Spirit of Love   Souls and civilizations do and have failed to be civilized, they do sadly to their own demise. Out of fires that burn they fade and leave only ashes from which new ones rise and do the same. From each there is still the footprint of the Creator willing and wanting to […]

Filled on the Inside Only as it Gets Out

Filled on the Inside Only as it Gets Out The most important, most significant of all that we have and hold dear inside is what we should be expressing and living on the outside. It is the Spirit, it is love, it is Jesus. When given wings it soars like an eagle and is as […]

Envision and Become

Envision and Become Honesty must begin within the core of one’s self. We have knowledge of good and bad, what we do and what we have done. We often compare who we are or are not to situational, circumstantial considerations, observations and rationalizations that have only a moment of worldly significance. Such is always limited […]

Thank God He is God!

Thank God He is God! In response to my pride and arrogance compared to God’s mercy and forgiveness…praise God He is God and I am not! Pride is a thorn in my side, from one ear to the other. It is the log I trip over, the jagged spear in my eye that denies and […]

Fears, Anxieties and Lies

Fears, Anxieties and Lies We should recognize what is truly wise and what is not. Let not the potential gift in this day fade in dark shades of living it in anxiety. It lessens the potential of new days with unwarranted fears, drowning faith in murky seas of tears causing blindness to God’s loving intentions. […]

Either Fast or Slow

Either Fast or Slow I had always admired those who could move the quickest and run the fastest. As a child I was ashamed of being chubby and unable to keep up. The quick and the fast got the most attention seemingly without effort. It became evident to me that I had an issue to […]

The Revelation of This Moment

The Revelation of This Moment How is it we miss praying for a shallow kiss the greatest romance of life for lessor moments. The box of moments we often find ourselves in is not big enough to hold the vastness God desires to more than fill it with. Cliché as it may, we must instead […]

Making it Clear

Making it Clear Our views of a defiled heart are many. Perhaps it is one marred, impaired, polluted, poisoned, corrupted, tainted, tarnished, infected, stained and perhaps even evil. We can intellectually conceive these words and more as the result of being born into a fallen world where they exist. They are the result of poor […]


Embody 1 Corinthians 12: 4-7 There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of […]

The Exchange

The Exchange Jesus is the divine exchange for saving us from ourselves, the truth to expose and overcome every lie. There is no other way, no other person or thing, no other means to change what is needed to set us free. Be wise in the light of truth, do not place anything or anyone […]

Summoned to Be Rich & Free

Summoned to Be Rich & Free  Your name, my name is being called. The Lord speaks softly, the charge, the bail, the bill is paid. We can hear Him in the deepest of seas, He is there with us in the valleys and on every mountain top. If we obey what we hear Him say […]

Short Sermon

Short Sermon A Christian (follower of Christ sincerely wanting to become Christ like), whether rich or poor, famous or obscure, regardless of what standard this world puts or implies of or on any, is on a journey being sanctified in and by Him alone (Jesus) into His Perfect Holiness, by His Perfect Will into His […]

My Story – Your Invitation

My Story – Your Invitation I have felt the elation of my faith realized. I have suffered being paralyzed when before I was without. I have been lifted in joy, but it was not unit I got tired of sinking in self-made sorrow. I have shared a grateful kiss with Heaven, but first had to […]