The Walk

  The Walk   I felt the harden stone, a rocky path I thought I walked alone. I was falling, failing and feeling completely displaced, when all at once my soul got embraced by a magnificent breeze. The jagged edges of living melted with ease. I had caught a breath of infinite space, I captured […]

Woundedness vs. Deliverance

Woundedness vs. Deliverance   The world is in a state woundedness, there are constant battles. Some are within borders, some not, some with others and others within ourselves. It is the spirit of mankind that suffers, it is the damaged soul that requires healing and deliverance. If not for love we’d lose them both playing […]

Memories by Faith Have New Life

Memories by Faith Have New Life   The flesh makes death appear like the end. I tell you the truth, the dead are not gone. They are now when we allow a memory, they are now when we allow ourselves to live by faith. Today we share memories, tomorrow, perhaps today we too become one. […]

As We Travel – Do!

As We Travel – Do!   Smile! Go an extra mile and post each as you journey. They are to be the stars in Heaven, all given as visions of God’s joy. With and in His love they light forever as further they travel smiling on and on.   God….why do I love too easily, […]

Keeping Evil at Bay is a Faith Where Love Stays

Keeping Evil at Bay is a Faith Where Love Stays   To each of us is a life. It isn’t for acclaim or attaining and getting things later lost to blame or shame. It isn’t an epitaph written on a rock. Life is light that at times shines bright and at others is caught in […]

How Big Is Your Well of Love?

How Big Is Your Well of Love? Ponder what can contain the greatest of everything that has, does and will ever love. Perceive a vessel filled to extremes bursting onto all other things. It is God’s love pouring over all creation, continually pouring over that which is immersed expanding in it. It is bigger than […]

Hope is Yours to Pray in Faith Today

Hope is Yours to Pray in Faith Today   Hope is a fabric upon which we can pray, weave and reveal our dreams. Have it by faith and believe what of it is perceived can and will by love be conceived. Be empowered by love in deed.   The Weather Forecast today for those who […]

How to be Loved and Love Today

  How to be Loved and Love Today   There is always light and a way to every day. There is always a voice and choice whether to listen. As long as we have life there is always something to be made; a decision, a thought, a belief upon which we can attach our heart […]

The Fulfilling Purpose of Creation

The Fulfilling Purpose of Creation   We will most likely feel and face disappointment in this world. Sometimes our hopes and dreams, our desires and expectations will seem unfulfilled. These moments will not however occur in an eternity made of God’s love. They are only stitches in time on Earth. Eternity will not hold us […]

Faith with Wisdom Moves Beyond the Horizon

Faith with Wisdom Moves Beyond the Horizon   Have faith and believe! Go beyond what doesn’t and would otherwise prevent and hold you back. This is wisdom, it is a gift found only by living in the leading of Christ. By faith we move forward stepping on stones laid, lined and aligned with prayer. They […]

The Demon of Unkindness and Anger

The Demon of Unkindness and Anger   I have seen and heard the pain made in and from the evils of a demonic spirit, one recently in the form of anger, retaliation and the worsening of unloving unkindness that was before and more thereafter. Anger lashes out, it only creates and furthers more anger, bitterness […]


Drink   I feel I’m in a dry place. I feel my skin cracking open. I feel what’s inside is vulnerable. My soul thirsts, it is weighted and wanting in expectation of something, anything for the better. I feel I am going burst. The life inside is either going to come alive or in living […]

A Happy State

A Happy State   Although there is great pain evident in the world, there is a greater provision made to end it. There are billions of eyes filling with tear and lies, but God has bigger skies, he fills them with His mercy and grace. This is any, all and every place His love is […]

Prophetic Word for Hearts

Prophetic Word for Hearts   What we allow in us can and does change that comes out of us. What comes out of us can and does change everything around us. What becomes of us is everything worth having and being when we allow the Holy Spirit and His love to work within us.   […]

The Invitation of Peace

The Invitation of Peace   I often feel too busy and too stressed. I feel there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything. I know it isn’t about what I do…as much as what is being done in me. This determines who I am, who He intended and created me to be. I […]

Overcoming Evil

Overcoming Evil   Evil exists in the world. Most all of us have seen or perceived other people to be influenced by an angry, bitter and malevolent spirit. It is manifested in those exposed to others having and being subjected to the same. They affect more others because of what they say and do. It […]

Our Story is Glory to Glory

  Our Story is Glory to Glory   In comes as an unwanted moment, one where I come face to face with my own disgrace. It is my betrayal of Jesus. I want to be identified in the glory of His life so perfectly and lovingly lived, but I do so while clinging to the […]

Understanding to Grasp and Pass On

Understanding to Grasp and Pass On.   Empathize, consider more than walking in another’s shoes, but more importantly the feet that need them. Give what piece of Heaven you can, have the greater peace that surpasses understanding. Make living a lesson with visions of love that a world in need can believe. Be the prayer […]

Our Place of Need

Our Place of Need   Reflect and perceive, consider what you see and what you think you need. Consider how much more is given when receiving God’s greater vision. Wisdom knows there is provision, He provides for every real and actual need. Observe the heavens; see its greatness in an unfathomable expanse. Obverse the boundless […]

You are His Poem

You are His Poem   God is the poet who breathes and speaks life. He has the most jealous starry-eyed idealistic romantic longing for your soul. By your choice His love is received. Despite your choosing, it is still being written. It is meant to be a story in poetry beckoning and revealing the heart. […]

Choose and Pray, Pray and Choose.

Choose and Pray, Pray and Choose.   How we choice to look at everything affects how we see it. When I choose to smile and look at you, you amazingly make me happy. When we choose to see all things with love we all become amazingly lovely. This a part God’s created truth that can […]