The Walk

  The Walk   I felt the harden stone, a rocky path I thought I walked alone. I was falling, failing and feeling completely displaced, when all at once my soul got embraced by a magnificent breeze. The jagged edges of living melted with ease. I had caught a breath of infinite space, I captured […]

Woundedness vs. Deliverance

Woundedness vs. Deliverance   The world is in a state woundedness, there are constant battles. Some are within borders, some not, some with others and others within ourselves. It is the spirit of mankind that suffers, it is the damaged soul that requires healing and deliverance. If not for love we’d lose them both playing […]

Memories by Faith Have New Life

Memories by Faith Have New Life   The flesh makes death appear like the end. I tell you the truth, the dead are not gone. They are now when we allow a memory, they are now when we allow ourselves to live by faith. Today we share memories, tomorrow, perhaps today we too become one. […]

As We Travel – Do!

As We Travel – Do!   Smile! Go an extra mile and post each as you journey. They are to be the stars in Heaven, all given as visions of God’s joy. With and in His love they light forever as further they travel smiling on and on.   God….why do I love too easily, […]

How Big Is Your Well of Love?

How Big Is Your Well of Love? Ponder what can contain the greatest of everything that has, does and will ever love. Perceive a vessel filled to extremes bursting onto all other things. It is God’s love pouring over all creation, continually pouring over that which is immersed expanding in it. It is bigger than […]