What is the Cross of Light Diamond?

  The Cross of Light Diamond is the trademark name of a patented, round brilliant 69 facet natural diamond. It is distinguished by a unique pattern of 16 pavilion ( mirror ) facets that are arranged in the forms crosses of three

Why was the Cross of Light Diamond designed?

Diamonds are usually acquired, given and worn to express the depth and importance of special relationships. Sometimes these relationships are experienced as “made in heaven” or “blessed by God” and many believe they are sacramental. The Cross of Light Diamond was designed to help people experience this more sacred relationship with one another.

The scope of our art is to give wings to the soul St.Gregory of Nazianzen,4C.

We practice gemstone and jewelry design as a liturgical art. Unlike other liturgical arts i.e. music, architectural, painting, sculpture and the like we focus on the inner sanctuary being the heart, so that He may dwell in us.

The Design

The Cross of Light Diamond is a patented 69 facet round brilliant diamond, trademarked as the Cross of Light Diamond.

Our Purpose

        The designs represent an effort to re-establish the spiritually significant role gemstones and jewelry played in the lives of religious men and women throughout history up until modern times. This traditional linkage of spirituality and jewelry flowed naturally from the important Christian belief that “Heaven and earth are full of Your glory”.  St. Paul expressed this  (Rom. 1:20)— Since the creation of the world, invisible realities have become visible, recognized through the things God has made.— when he said that every visible thing in the natural-created world is a revelation of something in the invisible heavenly-spiritual world. This apostolic way of perceiving things continued for centuries.  A sixteenth century example is St Theresa’s perception of the diamond as an image of the human soul.

Because of their rarity, durability and value, gemstones and precious metals were used quite naturally, and  often,  in biblical and other spiritual writings to express the eternal and more valuable nature of sacred truths.

Why does the Cross of Light Diamond include three cruciform images?

Tradition has associated different forms of the cross with different ways of understanding spiritual experience. The Greek Cross expresses a divine love for the world. It is a symbol of sacrifice and passion and is associated with the color red.

The Star Cross symbolizes the nativity. It represents a divine presence in the world. Just as the sun is the source of all physical life, the divine presence is the source of all spiritual blessing. Its color, like the sun, is yellow.

  The eight pointed Maltese cross has traditionally been associated with the eight beatitudes described in the Sermon on the Mount, and is a model for growing a sacred disposition characterized by a stillness and peace that transcends the ordinary. This divine transformation of the heart is associated with the color green.