The Fulfilling Purpose of Creation

The Fulfilling Purpose of Creation


We will most likely feel and face disappointment in this world.

Sometimes our hopes and dreams, our desires and expectations will seem unfulfilled.

These moments will not however occur in an eternity made of God’s love.

They are only stitches in time on Earth.

Eternity will not hold us captive to a clock that does not exist in Heaven.

They are only moments leading to the greater opportunity,

one to have faith knowing Jesus is our greatest hope, our best dream surpassed,

our desire to love and be loved beyond expectation,

this with the greater creation of more love.

This is the filling and fulfilling that comes only from being with Jesus!

To deny Him is to deny our divine appointment,

and instead remain in disappointment.

By faith what we believe enables us to perceive…and receive His truth.

This sets us free to truly wholly receive…and give His Holy love.

This is what we were created for in His image, now redeemed to pursue it,

and each being sanctified to uniquely to be it.



1 Corinthians 13:13

And now abide faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.


In Freedom of and to Love. Having the Everlasting Eternal Peace of Love.

Being an always ongoing Creation of More Love!

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