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Baptism Gemstone Design

The eight pointed star: The gift of new life in the spirit

The gemstone of regeneration

The eight pointed star is a symbol of baptism and regeneration.  Many baptismal fonts are octagonal.

The eight points of the star represents the eighth day.  It is a heavenly day which has no evening.  It transcends and follows the seven days of the creation of the material world.  It is the Lord’s day, On the eighth day, a day of mystery, God regenerates us when he reveals to us his presence in our hearts.

Just as water purifies the heart in baptism so also water is used on the lap when God polishes our soul until it has the brilliance of a gemstone.

Then in his great kindness, on the eighth day he invites us along with Peter, James and John to go with him to Mt  Tabor to pray. Luke 29:28-36).  There he is transfigured before us.  He becomes all dazzling light like a highly polished gemstone.

When he appeared, we saw him as he is, because we were like him. (1John 3:2) Like recognizes like.


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