Gemstone meanings

Gemstone meanings of the bible

Gemstone meanings of the bible

Gemstone Meanings in the Bible

The shattered Image

The modern scientific approach to earthly things is not sympathetic to the traditional view. The created world has been secularized. Consequently, it is more difficult for us to see the material world as a revelation of the spiritual world. Diamond and gemstone jewelry has not been immune to this process. In many ways, it has been its poster child.

Restoring the sacred image – Gemstones in the bible

Because of their rarity, durability and value, gemstones and precious metals were used quite naturally, and often, in famous early Christian art. In the same way that Inspirational Christian art moves us, some are creating diamond and gemstone jewelry for those who:

(1) Know the difference between something that was designed to satisfy their personal vanities and something that was designed to express their spiritual values, and

(2) Prefer wearing gemstones and jewelry that was designed to remind them of their lifetime journey with God.

Gemstone Meanings in the 12 heavenly stones

These precious stones,
and their diversity of attributes
are like the virtues
that bring one closer to Christ likeness.




Jasper Stone (chalcedony) represents true faith.

In the past it was used as a seal. One form of Jasper is Bloodstone chrysoprase A dark to medium green, it is said to have been formed when Christ blood fell to the ground and was scattered on the rocks under the cross. Early Christians wore it to remind them of Christ’s sacrifice.

     The primary foundation of Gods church the biblical gemstone meanings behind the Jasper Stone is in those who hold on to their faith and never let it wither away, but always remains fresh in it. They do not fear the devils craftiness.

     Reveals the greenness of faith which is in all perfect men? Never grows weak deep within: By its strong protection, the devil is resisted. …Marbode




Sapphire the height of celestial hope

Similar to the heavenly thrown, the biblical meaning behind Sapphire is in those who are waiting with sure hope, in whose life and ways the Highest is pleased.

As the color of the sky Sapphire signifies those who placed on the earth aspire for heavenly things, and who despise all worldly matters just as if they were not on earth:Our commonwealth is in heaven. phil3:20


chalcedony gemstone meanings


Chalcedony holds the flame of inner charity.

Holding the image of fire Chalcedony reddens in public. The biblical meaning behind the Chalcedony is the faithful serving in secret. As long as it is in the house, chalcedony does not shine but under the open air, it brightens. This stone resists those desiring to sculpture or to cut it.   When however, those are compelled to go out in the world then their goodness is revealed and they shine: and if anyone wishes to flatter them or to give them praise, just as if it were sculptured or painted, they do not accept it but in fact, resist the praise with great strength.
When warmed by the radiance of the true sun, that is Christ or handled and warmed by the fingers, that is by the gifts of the Hoy Spirit, by the word of their preaching and by the example of their goodness, they draw the chaff, that is sinners, to themselves and they ally sinners to themselves and they admonish themselves, and admonish them to persevere in good works.




Emerald it is purest faith.

Emerald has pride of place among the precious gemstones. These gemstones in the bible represent purest faith, the glories of God and His saints, a flourishing life which grows in integrity, new life, and an increased prosperity. It is open to every good, which knows never to give up. It is the work of Godliness. In its greenness it surpasses all gemstones . Through this stone, that is the emerald, we give those a name that is greener or healthier than all others in faith. They are not double minded, nor do they do not serve two masters, but those who posses always their steadfast purpose and the gem of faith, which the demons wish to wrench away from them, by overcoming them through the aid of God.



Sardonyx is the humility of believers the saints in spite of their gifts.

Sardonyx has three colors: the underneath is black; the middle is white, and the above red. It represents those who bear the suffering that their zeal produces in the name of Christ, and inside their soul they are white, that is to say without hypocrisy, although they themselves feel they are detestable sinners.

In the sard, the honored blood of the martyrs.    Sard is reddish purple whose color is the color of blood. It displays the splendor of those suffering in the manner of martyrs. Sixth in the heavenly wall it holds fast to the mystery of the cross. Sard is completely red. It signifies martyrs shedding their blood for Christ.



Chrysolite is shown true spiritual preaching accompanied by miracles.

Gold colored chrysolite otherwise known as Peridot or the gold stone. Chrysolite shines as if it was gold and it sends out from itself burning sparks: it denotes wise and charitable men and women who show what they know to others in word and deed. The gemstone meanings of Chrysolyte is said to mean gold, which in turn is said to signify wisdom and charity, which is more perfect than all other virtues, just as gold is more perfect than all other metals. It gleams just like a furnace and represents men and women of perfect wisdom gleaming with the sacred.


white beryl goshenite


In the beryl, the perfect operation of prophecy
It represents the prayers of minds. Beryl shines just like water struck by the sun and it warms the hand of the holder. It marks those who are fragile but struck by the radiance and grace of the true Sun that is Christ, they shine with good works and they warm those who associate with them with the heat of love and by the example of a good life.


Blue Topaz


In the topaz, the fervent meditation of the prophecies

Topaz surpasses all gems in clarity. Gemstone meanings for the Topaz are symbolized in those who love God and their fellow man. They shine as gold when they are cleansed of their filth. Being intent always on heavenly things they become clearer purer and more beautiful. Topaz blushes with golden splendor both in appearance and in ethereal brightness.

To whom rarer,
is to him the more precious?
Blushing with golden splendor,
both in appearance and in ethereal
Brightness. It shows the steadfast duty
Of the contemplative life. …Marbode



Chrysoprase demonstrated the work of the righteous and their reward
Chrysoprase is demonstrated in the work of the righteous and their reward. Chrysoprase or heliotrope bloodstone of the Green chalcedony portrays unity. It is intervened with little golden drops in a certain mixture. This is perfect charity which no ferocity defeats. It signifies those who spend their life in hardships, labor and suffering, always remaining in love.



In the Jacinth or hyacinth is the wisdom of discernment
This virtue is able to impart wisdom to the immature as well as the mature. He becomes all things to all people in order to win them. Jacinth signifies the angelic life…Â Jacinth changes its color with the condition of the sky. If the sky is clear, it shines, if cloudy, it does not shine. It signifies those who are wise and understand how to contend with the wise men in understanding, so that after the way of listeners they prepare themselves just as the apostle said, yet among the mature we do impart wisdom. 1cor 2:6. To those who knew too little he said, In as much as I have been unable to give food to you as men of the spirit, but, as of two men of the flesh, I have given you milk to drink not food. 1Cor3:1-2 this apostle was Jacinth and so he equalized himself so that he might be all things to all people, saying, I am made all things to all people so that I may have all.1C or 9:22



In the amethyst, the constant thought of the heavenly kingdom in humble souls
Violet colored in beauty it sends ends out golden flames and little purple marks. It signifies the heart of the lowly that die with Christ. And it is a good thing that amethyst is placed last in the list since it signifies those who pray for their enemies. Amethyst represents this virtue of virtues to pray for those who persecute you. And few are found to have done this but, nevertheless two are found in the old testament, to be sure Moses and Samuel, and two are found in the new treatment, the Lord Christ and Stephen.

Violet colored in beauty,
Sends out golden flames
and little purple marks;
it signifies the heart of the lowly
that die with Christ? Marbode

The diversity of color and
the multiplicity of virtues,
Adorn carnal men
whosever abounds in these
Will be able to be a fellow citizen.
Peace-bringing Jerusalem you have these foundations.
Happy and near to God
The soul which is given you,
The guard of your towers
Does not sleep forever….Marbode

These stones are assigned to the heavenly kingdom because these virtues when they are perfect represent the spiritual pleasures that abound in those whom are adorned with their brilliance.
Summary by Rachel Abel taken from Marbode of Rennes :Lapidary of 12 stones in verse… ‘Minor works on stones’.