THE NEWS – the evidence that surrounds us. What kind of news will we choose?

THE NEWS – the evidence that surrounds us. What kind of news will we choose?

We are living in a world obsessed with the insanity of hatred, violence, subterfuge, greed, vanity, lust, murder, jealousy, self-indulgence, entitlement and every evil and vile thing that denies the potential of a loving soul. There appears to be no limit to a vast media appetite that eagerly consumes what it creates with the passion of an addict who wants more, this to the perils of the extreme and self-inflected sting of eventual death. Be of good courage, be blessed and be aware….this kind of news is only the perpetual making of a lie, a deception of the deceiver to steal life from those who don’t see or choose to believe otherwise. There is the greater truth….love wins, and sin will be no more. We all can choose love, follow, create and live it. We can turn away from living a lie that encourages darker horrors instead of living so our love light as gifted shines. It is to the glory of God the Father, the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who dwells within. Let be the report of His good news, the evidence of His love, this while we live in the confines of a time that someday will thankfully for those who do be no more. Choose what you will give and what others of you can take. God can heal what the Devil tries to steal. Simply ask and believe! Amen

When by faith we believe and act as lead and enlightened by the Spirit of Christ in our lives….we begin to understand. What others think intangible and unscientific becomes a blessed reality, faith is strengthened, lives changed, existence meaningful, and only then is but a glimpse of Devine love truly experienced. Praise God! Give thanks! Share that love! Be blessed! Be a blessing!


A voice is now calling and crying in the wilderness – one proclaiming that we must be cleansed from the fog and smog that settles and collects in and of our heart. Be baptized into awareness, one of truth and the soon coming of the One greater than all. Be aware and be alive out of the death of a self-seeking lost in the weirdness. For what is intended and will be is the coming of Heaven on Earth. Be aware, healed and prepared by His Holy Spirit. Amen


Stuck to lament in the vanity of folly or to seek and be thankfully made divinely aware…else in my stubborn blindness I die a raging fool. God please forbid that such would entertain and encourage others in folly to trip into theirs as well, but that together we might grow beyond and be found in your arms loving needful and wanting others where mercy and grace abounds.


I am showered in my own tears, but revived in them by the revelation of His love, mercy and kindness! He is sharing continually His heart with evident, needed and timely messages, ones that keep speaking to mine and resonate deep within a desirous soul. Blessed to sing praise and giving thanks for the pouring out of His greater will….prayerful to go and grow in the ways he leads. This I must do without stumbling over the fears and worries of a world filled with many that continue to do so. Be aware! His is the better, the best of ways. Have faith, seek and we shall find….this is His promise to know and that by our choices and actions the evidence will overwhelmingly show. Amen! Thank you Jesus


he “but” in life is sometimes the butt of our reason.

The rationalizations derived are often contrived by the insistence of I, me and my.

Oh Lord….how often and how long will I allow it to prevent me from humbly bending down on prayerful knees?

I pray not before the light of a God given spirit might vanish, lost and unable to retrieve that which is free…a gift, a blessing to believe and trust You Lord completely.

Help me Jesus…for I am weak and You are strong. The enemy is relentless, the battles rages and sometimes that painful “but” again comes along. There are souls to win before the other end is only filled with self and victims. Please don’t let my “but” get in or be the way, not while lives that by Your Holy Spirit may still be saved. In Your precious name…Amen  🙂


Actions, ripples, light and dark….outward bound and inward found, a voice within, a feeling comes out, sit quietly in a moment free of doubt. You are always loved!


Dear Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit…shape and mold me I pray from the lowly ground and broken pieces of life I lay and laid. Fill me with Yourself, Your Spirit, Your love…that I may be poured out serving You, filling others with Your love too. May rivers flow to larger seas go, where oceans of love make the skies above the glory of Heaven. There with You to dwell forever. Amen  🙂


There is a time and place called now and here. It is not too late and not too far


I pray today you have a divine revelation of truth, one that makes you smile and brings with it great happiness and joy to share with others. Amen

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