Parade of Battles

Parade of Battles

Life can be a parade of battles, some fought within the inner most depths of our soul…especially if we admit to have one. Deny it’s existence and how easy we try to walk away … at least until truth comes beating like the heartbeat of an innocent child, or exhausted in the last breath a soldier dying to save others. What are we to do and when shall we do it…pray now we align that path with a God of mercy, full of grace, knowing far better the value of that life and what it takes to give. For that we should be forever grateful, we should bare fruit….evidence we have, can, and are still able to always love.


I am occasionally caught dizzy by shifts in atmosphere, ground swells that have valleys follow. The past is filled with lessons, some with an awareness to seek stability, others still challenging because the path has new and deeper ones to learn. Remaining grateful in all along the journey, one filled with eventful eventual ongoing revelations that give life and love its greatest meaning – this that the love we are blessed to receive is the love we give amplified by the love of Christ that resonates through the Spirit living and growing within, forever expanding further out. We are the limits we place upon ourselves, He is the limitless that inspires and leads us beyond.


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